Diagnostics & Consultations, with our well qualified team of Specialists, Sonographers, Technicians and Support staff we are able to provide a very high level of service & support.


Higly experienced expert in using the latest technology including robotics, to ensure you have the safest and least invasive treatment approach and the best possible outcomes.


Higly experienced experts in investigation and management of disorders of the endocrine system. Specialised in a wide variety of hormone disorders.

Respiratory & Sleep

Dedicated to improving quality of life, achieve a better nights sleep and manage your respiratory health. Providing the highest level of care, accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Dedicated Specialist Care to All Our Patients

Thomastown Consulting Rooms is a specialist centre, dedicated to providing the highest levels of care & excellence in Specialist Medical Care to patients.

Starting with humble beginnings the centre was focused on providing key medical and specialist services to the local community. Subsequently, the centre was expanded  into a more modern and more comprehensive medical facility. it is now staffed with a broad range of specialists and structured to support the region in key medical services and consultations, servicing Thomastown and surrounding areas.

Our goal is to provide a modern and experienced environment for various specialists and medical services, so that we can continue to benefit our patients and grow with local and surrounding communities.